Are you our new Customer Experience Manager?

Team bbhugme is growing, and we are in search of a passionate Customer Experience Manager.

This is a new role, and we are looking for an able and experienced candidate who is ready to take on responsibilities within several areas to help us increase our global footprint.

The goal is to translate the bbhugme vision into a remarkable customer experience across all relevant sales and marketing channels.

You will oversee how bbhugme interacts with its key audiences, including the planning and execution of an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy.

You will be responsible for consumer insights and analysis of all omnichannel consumer marketing activities to maximize brand awareness, drive positive customer relationships and engagements, and optimize the overall customer experience.

You will be responsible for the bbhugme web-shop and our global Amazon business development.

We are seeking a candidate with strong analytical skills, experience in online sales and marketing and a passion for execution of growth strategies.

You should have an entrepreneurship spirit and creative mindset with a proven track record and six to eight years of work experience within omnichannel sales and marketing.