“It’s been fun, and we’re very proud of our win. We’ve always wanted to find a format for our content that means that it’s interesting and easily accessible to our customers and members – it has to arouse interest! We have a fantastic partnership with Design Container who are both flexible and solution-orientated. We’ve benefited immensely from having such a creative and strategic partner who is an expert in communication. We’ve been able to communicate our content in a very effective way. We’ve made good use of the assessment made by the Farmand Award and worked systematically on the feedback we’ve been given. It’s great to see that our efforts been noticed,” says Catherine Nicolaissen from the Norwegian Pension Insurance for Seamen.

“It’s incredibly motivating to see our clients prioritise and understand the digital interface as well as our team providing the best digital solutions in Norway! We have worked on investor communication, reporting and digital solutions for many years and always work closely with our clients. This shows that our close client relationships, tried-and-tested methods and cross-disciplinary skills generate great value for our clients,” says a proud Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, managing director of Design Container.